Jakarta– Pada hari Selasa, 25 Juni 2019, telah terlaksana Leiden University Alumni Reception di Erasmus Huis, Jakarta. Ada tamu spesial pada malam itu, yaitu Rector Magnificus Universitas Leiden, Prof. Carel Stolker, beserta 15 delegasi Universitas Leiden lainnya, yang sedang berkunjung ke Indonesia dalam rangka peringatan 50 tahun KITLV (Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal, Land, en Volkenkunde). Dalam kesempatan ini, ketua Ikatan Alumni Universitas Leiden di Indonesia, Ibu Mutiara Indriani, memberikan kaos IKALI sebagai hadiah ulang tahun bagi Bapak Rektor. Acara diakhiri dengan sesi networking antar sesama alumni Leiden. Hadir pula Duta Besar Kerajaan Belanda untuk Indonesia, H.E. Rob Swartbol dan Direktur KITLV Jakarta dan kantor Universitas Leiden di Indonesia, Marrik Bellen.

Jogjakarta– 27 Juni 2019 lalu, telah terlaksana pula Leiden Alumni Reception di Hotel Phoenix, Yogyakarta. Acara dibuka oleh Alumni Policy Advisor Universitas Leiden, Ms. Hanneke Wiessing. Lalu, Rector Magnificus Prof. Carel Stolker memberikan kata sambutan dan ucapan terima kasih yang hangat sebab Alumni Reception di Jakarta dan Jogja terlaksana dengan sukses. Acara ini diikuti dengan perkenalan diri seluruh alumni Universitas Leiden yang hadir malam itu. Acara diakhiri dengan sesi networking dan makan malam.

Below is the Speech by Mutiara Indriani, Head of Leiden University Alumni Association in Indonesia, at the 50th Anniversary of KITLV-Jakarta and the Leiden University Alumni Reception

Erasmus Huis, 25 June 2019

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, alumni and friends,

The 50th anniversary of KITLV-Jakarta celebration this year is not only about looking back on accomplished achievements. It also provides a new potential for bilateral cooperation in the field of higher education and research with Indonesian counterparts. The KITLV office in Jakarta is instrumental in supporting the growth of the Indonesian collection of Leiden University Libraries which is famous for its outstanding Asian collections and has long been a major source of information for researchers studying Indonesia.

The office also doubles as the representative office of Leiden University in Indonesia. It has continuously shown its commitment to not only promote Leiden Universities programs, but also to nurture its vast network of alumni in Indonesia. The Leiden Office has helped giving birth to Leiden University Alumni Association in Indonesia, or IKALI, which also celebrates its first anniversary this year. So with the 50th anniversary of KITLV-Jakarta, the first anniversary of IKALI and the 444th anniversary of Leiden University, we can truly say that 2019 is a festive year.

IKALI is governed by seven advisors and twenty-one board members. As an organization it has adopted Bylaws and Statutes and designed a Work Plan that serves as its roadmap until 2020. The Bylaws and Statutes entered into force on 6 June 2018 and confirmed IKALI as a legal entity.

We at IKALI are fully aware of the homework confronting us in bringing together more than 500 Leiden University Alumni all over Indonesia. We took baby steps by starting to organize various activities. Last year, together with the Leiden Office, we welcomed Dean Joanne van der Leun of Leiden Law School. We also supported a public discussion on “Indonesian Media throughout Regime Changes”, and organized a Leiden Alumni Sharing Session where Leiden University alumnus, Yohanes Indrakusuma, shared tips and advices to be more successful in life. Through these activities we aim to become a platform for Leiden alumni in Indonesia, supporting them in their personal and professional development, to re-connect with each other, and to provide information to departing students and welcoming returning students.

At last, I would say, that IKALI has given root to a new legacy for KITLV-Jakarta-cum-Office of Leiden University. An Office that is budding itself into an alumni-oriented organization and backed by the University that endows their graduates with a sense of shared commitment and collective responsibility in giving impact to its community and the world.

If IKALI succeeds and grows, it will be good for both Indonesia and the Netherlands. Alumni can be, and are, very valuable for both countries in strengthening public-private-people-partnerships. As IKALI we are committed to deliver our share and we also express our hope that we can count on the continuous support of Leiden University in achieving our goals


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